Assembly is very simple and requires no special tools, skills or trades.
Once the base is positioned and levelled, a corner post is fixed in position and bolted to the base. The first panel is positioned and locked to the post using a hex key provided. The locking action also pulls the panel against the post to ensure the integrated seals are compressed for a weather-tight seal.
The second panel is then inserted on the same corner post – this gives a rigid corner that is self-supporting allowing the rest of the module to be assembled even in strong winds.

The first wall is completed in minutes; a corner post fitted at the end and the process repeated for the remaining walls. The final corner post is offered up, locked to each mating panel and bolted to the base – the rigid walled shell is now in place
(If joined buildings are required then the appropriate wall can simply be omitted at this stage)

The roof is then lowered onto the walls – guided by the inbuilt drainpipes – and locked down by over-centre clamps from the inside. These hold the roof in place and also compress the seals in the roof structure to effect a weather tight seal.

Any electrics are a simple plug fixing to the roof-mounted power ring; internal plastic covers finish the job

The whole process from start to finish takes under an hour with 2 people

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