The BPB solution is all about saving energy and providing personnel with a comfortable environment. All the panels, roof and wall are manufactured from materials that do not conduct heat. The Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) outer and inner surfaces form the layers of a composite panel – the core of which is expanded polyurethane (PU) 80mm thick. This gives outstanding thermal insulation values (U=0.24 for walls, 0.28 for the roof).

The floor cavity is filled with 110mm thick PU insulation, giving a U value of 0.2.
The rigid foam panel core also makes for excellent sound insulation.
The aluminium frame components are specially designed with thermal breaks so heat cannot pass through the metal frame.
The whole system of insulated panels and weather tight seals means that any devices used to heat or cool the building have to wok less hard – further saving fuel.

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