Off Grid
Typically, generators will be constantly running or for load-detect generators, even small loads such as lights or telephone chargers activate the generator. The Blue Planet system only uses the generator as a 3rd line of support.

If a generator is required, the energy management system handles this intelligently :-

• High Load demand : Total independence from external power is difficult and costly to achieve. The BPB system is rated for normal use but if the user requires more power the generator is activated only whilst the peak demand is present. • Additional Battery charging : During periods of low light levels (eg night time or dust / rain storms) or extended period of high use the battery storage will become discharged. The generator can automatically be switched on to provide this charge.

Combining these two methods dramatically reduces generator runtime but also runs the generator at a high load factor – better fuel efficiency. The result is proven savings of between 50 and 100% of fuel and service costs associated with traditional generators, depending on the user requirements.


On Grid
Even when connected to the public power grid the product is still capable of making savings. As a minimum the solar electricity generated will service the requirements of the occupants, so not requiring that amount of power to be drawn from the grid. In certain circumstances it may be possible to feed energy back to the grid, supplementing the local supply.

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