Transport can be a significant part of the project cost, especially when considering remote locations that can be 1000’s of kilometers from the distribution point.

Firstly the unit can be flat-packed for shipping. The immediate benefit is that typically 3 or 4 units can be transported in the same envelope as a traditional portable building or container – a minimum saving of 67% on transport.

After consultation with users across the world, the BPB unit area was designed to fit within a standard 2.44m x 6m (20’ x 8’) envelope. This ensures it is in gauge on any type of national and international transport (road, rail, air) allowing the unit to be shipped between countries if required.

Lastly the light weight of the units (only 1700 kgs or 3800 lbs each) means only small payload lifting devices are required and even helicopter deployment is an option.

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