A layout that might suit one client may not suit another. Other portable buildings decide where the doors and windows and electrics go and how many.

The BPB solution is different. All wall panels are interchangeable. Plain panels; door panels; window panels; power panels.
How many there are and where they go are up to the customer and can even be changed after installation by raising the roof slightly.
Power panels have a flush-mounted dual power socket to take country-specific outlets. These can be positioned where most convenient and simply plug into the roof to make the circuit – no tools or electrical skills required. There is a power tap-off at each panel location so there is no limitation on the positions.

The panels are factory made and can also be manufactured for specific applications; some examples are:-
Client Logo / Branding : Colour schemes / Artwork : Air Conditioning inlet.


unwrapping and preparing a flatpack portable Blue Planet Building


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