Prefabricated buildings give you a choice at the outset – do you want a single stand alone cabin for site work or a modular building for larger projects?.

If you need more space on your current project or there is a different requirement at your next location then it’s back with the old one and a new building ordered, groundwork, installation and so on…

Blue Planet’s unique design allows each building to be configured as stand alone or the walls can be simply removed and 2 or more units joined to make larger installations.

• Need to extend? – no problem; simply add more units to the existing building
• Project wind-down? – simply take what you don’t need to another location and refit the exterior wall panels
• International locations? – the global standards applied to the Blue Planet product even allow you to use buildings supplied from our licensees around the world knowing they will work together.


Forklift Flatpack

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